There are several ways you can make money with this company, and becoming an affiliate is one of them. Learn how lucrative this opportunity could be for you.​​

As an affiliate, your only job will be to build a customer portfolio. The more you do, the bigger portfolio you'll get, the more money you'll make, it's as simple as that.  So invite people to have a  look, show them our results, and sign them up.

You will get a 16 percent performance fee from our fund's performance, which is twice what is the normal rate. That means if your portfolio of customers makes 100K on their investments you will make 16K.


It might take you some time to build up your portfolio and start collecting big checks, but what should intrigue you is that when you have done the job once, you will see how the compound effect works to your benefit. You will make more money each month our traders do well as your portfolio will grow, and if you keep your customers in for years to come, a small portfolio very soon can become a big one.


Let me show you what this could look like.​​

We started a new fund in March this year, and this fund has a 6 percent average a month return on investment so far. Here is a screenshot below from our results. If you are wondering why I got to 6 percent and not 7 when this year's result shows 49,97 is because that result comes from compounding monthly result witch is something you will benefit from when you become a customer or an affiliate for that matter. 

Ok, they have done a very good job so far this year and made a 6 percent average a month, let's say they keep up the good work over the next 5 years and make a 5 percent average.


You get 20 customers to invest 1500 euros into the fund. That means your customer portfolio is 20*1500 = 30 000 Euro. I hope you are with me so far.

Look at the green Cullom. You will see that in month 1 your portfolio gave 1,500 ROI return on investment (5 % of 30 000 Euro). 16 percent of 1,500 is 240. That means you will make 240 Euro in performance fee the first month. 

After 12 months the ROI has increased to 2,565. Not because you have more customers, but becomes the funds have done well and the results have compounded. Your performance fee is still 16 percent, which gives you 410 euros in performance fee this month. That means that you made 318 Euros per month in the first year.

You can see that every month your customer's ROI raises and your customer portfolio gets bigger and bigger without you doing anything. The reason for that is the compound effect. Albert Einstein reportedly said it. “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who doesn't pay it.


Now let's look at what will happen in 5 years...


Ok, so you still only have the 20 customers that invested 1500 Euro each.

As you can see from the picture about something remarkable has happened. In only 5 years your customer portfolio has grown from 30,000 Euro to 560,375 Euro. You can also see that your customers received 248,337 Euro Interest this year compared to 23.875 Euro the first year.

That means that with your 16 percent performance fee you will make 39,733 in the 5th year which gives you a monthly income of 3,311 on average. Not bad from doing a job 5 years ago right?

What does this tell you?

If you decide to become an affiliate you will have the opportunity to get a "pay raise" every month for years to come from doing a job once. Where else can you achieve that? 

Also, what if you decide to do more than that and put 10-20 new customers into our funds each month or year... then what ... and what if you did the math on how much you would make after 10 years or 15?


I suggest you sit down and play with the numbers for a little while because if you understand how much this could really benefit you, I bet you will be intrigued enough to at least have a chat with me.



This is only an example to illustrate how you can benefit from becoming an affiliate. The amount you'll actually make will depend on the job you do and how well our funds perform in the future.