We have several Funds to choose from. Below you will read about how I could have made 41.991 compared to 357 by investing in one of our Funds instead of placing 10 000 in the bank. That is a whopping 416% difference.

In 2014 I moved into a new apartment and had to place a deposit of 10 000 into the bank. Looking at the picture below you can see that I placed the money into the bank on the 27. June 2014.  You can also see what I received in interest each year over the next 6 years. 

As you can see from the picture below I now have a balance of 10 357. That means that over a period of 6 years I have made a whopping 357 in interest. 

Now let's look at what would happen if I placed the same amount in one of our Hedge funds instead and let them compound for the next 6 years?

Below is an overview of how well our oldest fund has done it. This fund has delivered an average of 30,3% ROI (return on investment) per year over the last 10 years. 


That means if I had placed my 10 000 into this fund in 2014, instead of pacing it into the bank, I would have had an ROI of 41 991 instead of 357.


That means my balance today would have been 51.991 and not 10.357 which is a difference of 41.634 or 416%.


Knowing this, you would think that most people would be interested in learning how to invest their money right?... WRONG, most people don't care and have their savings placed in the bank or in funds giving very little to no return.


We are told by our banks and our government what to do, but you have to know that they have their own agenda. They need your money to make money themselves, so they will tell you anything to get their hands on your money. They then use your money to invest themselves and give us nothing in return.

I hope you see why you might benefit from becoming a little more money-wise.


Learn how to invest your money, learn how you get your money working for you, learn how the compound effect will benefit you tremendously over time. Learn how you might afford in the future, what you can only dream of today. We can teach you this and if you learn just a little bit, and take advantage of it, I think and hope you will get a much less stressful future to look forward to.

Become a customer today, and start getting more out of your hard-earned money. We even have funds that have done better than this one!