For the last 5 years, our company has built software that makes it possible to copy trade Hedge Funds and professional trading desks. That means that "common people" like you and I now have the opportunity to invest in funds usually only available for banks, big institutions, and rich people with huge capital. This is like getting access to a "hidden society" where rich people hang out and invest their money

Why this is so special.

  • Those who manage your money are some of the best traders in the world with a background from Goldman Sack and Merrill Lunch.

  • In the contradiction of many ordinary funds that have passive placements, our funds are managed daily.

  • You must invest your own money into these funds to be able to work as a trader, quant, or analytic. That means everyone working on your money has self-interest to do well.

  • Hedge fund managers have very free leeway. In periods when the exchanges fall, our hedge funds will be able to do very well and bet against the market we just need volatility. So we can do very well in both Bull and Bear Market.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a long-term strong sustainable portfolio return, while at the same time accountability is central to us.


Participating in finance is one of the most important ways to generate wealth.​​

Useful Info:

  • No charges or hidden fees

  • If you want to close your account, this is done quickly and easily, with one-click out.

  • 200 different payment options when depositing

  • Bank guarantee on deposited capital up to 100,000 Euro

  • Weekly report and newsletter

  • We have management with 30 years of experience in finance.

  • Most of our traders and analysts have backgrounds from Merrill Lynch & Goldman Sachs

  • Our trading desk has a 10-year history. where 17 people work 24/7 with your money

  • Our main broker is Equiti Group with FCA registrations on 4 continents.

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